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Charlise Primrose is a 30..blahblah year old mom of 2 gorgeous sons, and wife to a genius. She spends her time cooking (and eating), trying not to let her writing muscles atrophy, and discovering the meaning of life in her coffee cup.

Why I protest

No, I don’t think the march changed much of anything. Trump won’t be impeached tomorrow. But today, *I* am different, which means 100,000 people at that march today feel a little different too… Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Brothers: Understanding America’s Election Pain Through Sibling Rivalry

It’s not easy to view recent events through clear eyes. The division in our country after the recent election makes it clear that every citizen’s eyes are blurred or tinted in one way or another. Everyone has layers of experiences, … Continue reading

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Fighting Racial Inequality

…everyone has some small piece of suffering to call their own, but there are other ways of drawing attention to that suffering without diminishing that of someone else… Continue reading

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Why Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Might be the Best Children’s Show of All Time

There’s no shortage of mediocre children’s programming out there. In fact, with a few exceptions, the majority of the shows my now-seven-year-old son has dragged me into over the years have been mind-numbingly dismal at best. When I happened to … Continue reading

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Making a Change

How do you create change in your life? I’m honestly looking for feedback. Essays have been written about whether or not true change is really possible for a human. I don’t think I doubt the human capacity for change. It … Continue reading

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Why “Pro Choice” is NOT a Valid Stance in the Vaccination Debate

My kids are 7 and 1-1/2, but I have been pro-vaccination for much longer. I have studied and worked in the field of developmental disabilities, including autism, for over 10 years, and nothing I have seen, read, or studied has ever … Continue reading

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The First Point Made me Think. The Second Point Blew my Mind.

We in social media have become totally saturated with article titles that threaten to make us literally explode with laughter, convulse with tears, collapse in joy, change everything we thought we knew, and lose our collective minds. The prospect is frighteningly…well…mind-numbing. Not … Continue reading

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